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Rigging of Baz the Tasmanian Tiger

3D Design and Visualisation :

After the modeling of Baz's skeleton is complete we move on to the next step.

In order to make Baz move his bones we must give him a skeleton which can be used in animation.

In a way we will give a skeleton a skeleton.

This skeleton is called a RIG and the process of creating this rig is called RIGGING

Images of the finished rig:


Bare Rig no Tiger attached:

Bare Rig with no Character attached

Rig now with Tiger attached:

Rig with Tiger attached

Rig in action see the neck flex:

Tiger neck flex using the rig

For the first time in a very long time a Tasmanian Tiger can open it's mouth:

Tasmanian Tiger with mouth open using the rig

Tassie Tiger kicking up the hindlegs:

Tasmanian Tiger kicking up the hindlegs

Riggs allow the animator a wide range of movement sometimes a lot more than would be possible in real life. Seen here is the overflex of the spine only possible in animation.

Overflex of soine of our Tasmanian Tiger

That must hurt , never mind Baz is quite tough.