Team Wombat Mountainbike Australia -2019


So after years of speculation if its happening or not, we got confirmation that Glenn Jacobs has signed off to begin building of Warburton Stage one.

This is exiting news for Melbourne and if its anything like Derby watch this space.

Blue Derby Tasmania - Australias premier bike destination

We visit Blue Derby in Tassie and are impressed by the scale and quality of the trails.

Derby Wombat visit report:

Harcourt Bendigo is now open and it rocks - get there while it is fresh!!

Could it be the best place to ride in Victoria?

Report coming soon , first impressions of DirtArts excellent new creation.


Commencal SX Supreme 2018 - The best bike you should never own !

The new Commencal SX 180mm travel and climbs like a goat?

True or spin ? testing now , no bullshit report here. Commencal Supreme SX

We have found the bike great , but .....................


WINTER 2019 - Roost on

Commencal Flight

Summer is on the way out and winter riding is here soon.

Take advantage of the cooler days and keep exploring the rides Australia has to offer.

Time to rug up and get dirty and take the added challenges winter throws at us and our gear. Remember there is always an open fire and the end of every ride to warm up and have a beer or two.

Stay Safe

Team Wombat


General Winter Info:

Be aware of changeable weatherconditions specially if planning rides in the high country this time of year. Carry some warmer gear in case of an emergency.

Dont be stupid ,if tracks are to wet to ride , stay off and ride another day.

Don't get cought out by fire - check your fire-warnings before you head out into the bush.

Remember that mobile cover is not guaranteed and to tell "someone who cares" where you are going to ride and when you are expected back.


Please check out some of our favorite locations to roost.

If you got any questions or if you want to let us know about your favorite places to ride please email us :Team Wombat

There's plenty of fresh singletrack out there - Go and Ride it !!!

Team Wombat