Blue Derby Tasmania 2019

In Australian mountainbiking Tasmania is where it's at.

Derby developed into the Australias No1 Mountainbike destination over the last few years.  

Trails range from family trails to double blacks and everything inbetween.

The village has got everything a mountainbiker needs , bike shops to fix stuff ( or hire bikes) , shuttle services for DH rigs , free bikewash,hot showers for day visitors and plenty of places to stay to get a good feed and pubs with plenty of beer.

Trailhead is in the middle of the village and all trails are clearly signposted.

Derby is the closest to a Whistler style resort in Australia as far as the trails are concerned and is growing in size every year. It is amazing how Derby transformed itself from a dying community to a premier mountainbike destination.

Blue Tier is an amazing trail along rivers and furns, a nature trail which must count along the worlds best, ending at a pup - a must do shuttle trail if you visit Derby.


Then there are trails like Trouty,Detonate,Upper Flickety,23 Stiches,Deadly Bugga,Monument and many more to please the gravityset.


Enough said if you have not been to Derby yet , put it on your list.

Closer to Melbourne than Whistler and Rotaroa it is the best place to spend a week or two riding with mates.



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And did we mention there is a pumptrack , not any pumptrack "the pumptrack" !!!!